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Honour your life transitions with joy and reverence.

It is my passion to connect with people, and truly celebrate their intimate moments in life. 
I create Sacred Ceremony and Events designed to capture the beautiful intricacies of change,
those often too big for words alone. 
I specialise in the 'in between' - the life transitions,
that hold incredible power within the trajectory of life. 
I combine my study and training in the ancient art of ceremony,
with my own intuitive knowing, to create honouring celebrations.

  • Connect with your body and retrieve your original birth rite
    as a woman with a 'Moontime Awakening'.


  • Prepare for union with a Women's Wisdom Union Blessing (hens party).

  • Celebrate your Milestone Birthday with a ceremony designed to revere in
    the aging process and Claim Your Power.


  • Reclaim your Sovereignty with a Conscious Uncoupling Ceremony.

My role as a Liminal Celebrant is to truly celebrate all of the transitions along a woman's path. 
Let me assist you to step gracefully and wholeheartedly through the thresholds of change. 
Let me honour your path.
Jen xx