honour your life transitions with depth and reverence

My joy, as a Celebrant, is to honour you as you move through the milestones of life. 
I believe when we embrace change, and open to truly embodying the shifts in our lives,
we live in a state of deeper connection and understanding of who we truly are.
For me it is all about connection.
Connecting with people
Connecting with a moment
Connecting with emotion
Ceremony is about connecting a magical memory to a meaningful existence.
I look at life as a whole and create Sacred Ceremony and Embodiment Events
designed to capture the beautiful intricacies of change,
those often too big for words alone. 

I combine my study and training in the ancient art of ceremony,
with my personal intuitive knowing, to create modern adaptations
of truly honouring celebrations.

My role as a Celebrant is to truly celebrate all of the transitions along lifes path. 
Let me assist you to step gracefully and wholeheartedly through the thresholds of change. 
Let me honour your path.
Jen xx


The end of a significant relationship.
Reclaim your Sovereignty with a Conscious Uncoupling Ceremony.

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Celebrating a milestone birthday, 40th, 50th...

Gather your closest loved ones and share a meaningful ceremony designed to revere in
the aging process and step boldly
Into Your Power.


Seeking your
feminine spirit.

Connect with your body and retrieve your original birth rite as a woman with a 'Moontime Awakening'.


Life is drawing to a close.

It's big, and it's brutal, and it deserves recognition.  Life is the full circle, choose to close with honour and beauty.

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naming ceremonies, marriages and funerals - yes
but have you considered celebrating these milestones?