An Act Of Power Ceremony is your chance to have your nearest and dearest witness your journey and celebrate you as you enter a new phase in life.  It is a unique and intimate gathering, where you will be truly seen and celebrated.

We often see Ceremony as something that is reserved for the big milestones, Births, Deaths and Marriages... however life contains an endless array of major moments that shift and change us profoundly.  Embracing and celebrating these changes allows for movement through life feeling supported and confident to begin the next chapter, to live in authenticity.




Words from a recent Act of Power Ceremony participant:  

"Jen's ceremonies are a precious gift to anyone seeking support and fulfillment during a time of transition, or wanting to share the joy of celebrating life's milestones with others."   Sarah, Melbourne

There are many moments in life that are ideal for celebrating with an Act of Power Ceremony.
Perhaps you have an upcoming birthday that you want to acknowledge, however the thought of a large party doesn't feel right.  Maybe you have overcome an intense period of illness and want to mark your new beginning.  Your children are leaving the nest, your caretaker responsibilities are lifting and you are ready to create and raise something new.  You could be experiencing a seemingly subtle shift that feels very substantial and hard to articulate.  An Act of Power Ceremony is something very intuitive and the timing will somehow just feel right.

What to expect:
In most cases an Act of Power Ceremony is a small gathering of close friends and family members that will involve sharing and celebrating.  We can create a beautiful event in the comfort of your own home, or another location where you feel relaxed and at ease.

Each Act of Power Ceremony is created as an honouring of an individual and their experience, and as such no two ceremonies are the same.  I see this special celebration as an Embodiment Experience that demands authenticity and I ask that participants embrace a certain level of surrender.  Not knowing exactly what will happen, or what to expect may seem daunting or trigger a little fear... but as we know, where there is fear - there is power.
Your Act of Power Ceremony will not include jumping from tall heights or walking on hot coals.  You will however be asked for raw honesty, authenticity and vulnerability, which for some can be just as fearful.  I will ask you to face your fears or doubts, and in return I will hold you in a safe space.  Rest assured that we will spend time in the lead up to your ceremony discussing what it is you would like honoured and also the things that make you feel uncomfortable and how you can be best supported.

The fee for your Act of Power Ceremony does vary depending on your location and number of participants.  As an indication of price you could expect to pay $800 for a  3 hour ceremony attended by up to 12 guests - this fee would allow for travel within 20km of Menai NSW.  I am open to travelling further (including interstate) for your ceremony for an additional travel fee. 

The first step in arranging your Act of Power Ceremony is to get in touch with me, ideally via e-mail or phone.  We can chat online if that is comfortable, or perhaps meet in person to discuss your ceremony over coffee.  If you find yourself interested, but still unsure if this is right for you, please get in touch via e-mail as I am happy to help address any questions you may have, without any obligation to proceed with a booking.