Preparing for Marriage can be a joyous time, something that we want to share with our favourite people.  Many brides opt for a modern day Hen's Night or Hen's Party to celebrate with friends - drinking, dancing, visiting a winery, perhaps with an additional afternoon tea to include the older relatives.  This is a fun way to let off steam and have a laugh... but what if I could offer you more?

Would you like to feel held and supported ahead of your Wedding Day?

Would you like to experience a genuine connection with your closest female friends and family?

A Bridal Shower is your opportunity to gather with your nearest and dearest and celebrate in a beautiful, relaxed and deeply connected way.  Let me lead you through an afternoon or evening of sipping tea, sharing stories, and marveling at your journey, ahead of your walk down the aisle.  Let me honour you as YOU before your union to another.






Words from recent Bridal Shower participants:  

"I really wanted to celebrate with my bridesmaids and friends, but I wanted my Nan to be there too, without the fear of strippers showing up to give her a heart attack.  My bridal shower was perfect!  We laughed and cried and shared something so beautiful and relaxed.  It definitely put all my nerves about marriage at ease and at the wedding I just felt like everyone was really there for me on the big day.  It was just beautiful, like nothing I've ever done before."  Nicola - Bride, Sydney

"I always knew that my daughter in law was a special woman, and being able to celebrate her in this way, and share something so unique and beautiful with her and her family, brought us all even closer together.  Her bridal ceremony really united all the women in both our families and I will remember the experience always."  Karen - Mother in Law, Sydney


What to expect:
In most cases a Bridal Shower is a small gathering of close female friends and family members that will involve sharing and celebrating.  We can create a beautiful event in the comfort of your own home, or another location where you feel relaxed and at ease.

Each Bridal Shower is a unique celebration of an individual and their journey to finding love, and as such no two ceremonies are the same.  I see this special celebration as an Embodiment Experience that demands authenticity and I ask that participants embrace a certain level of surrender.  Not knowing exactly what will happen, or what to expect may seem daunting or trigger a little fear... just try to think of it as 'secret women's business' and welcome the mystery.

Your Bridal Shower will not include embarrassing jokes or lewd games.  You will however be asked for raw honesty, authenticity and vulnerability, which for some can be just as confronting.  I will ask you to face your fears or doubts, and in return I will hold you in a safe space.  Rest assured that we will spend time in the lead up to your Bridal Shower discussing how you would like to be honoured and also the things that make you feel uncomfortable and how you can be best supported.

Your Bridal Shower can be your alternative to a Hen's Party / Hen's Night or it can work as a precursor to an evening of 'letting your hair down'.  Perhaps you are enjoying a weekend away together and your Shower can be one of the features of your girls weekend (I am open to travel and can visit you at your Air BnB).  You may like to celebrate in your friends cosy loungeroom then conclude your Bridal Shower celebration by gathering at your favourite restaurant for a beautiful meal together.  What is important is that you celebrate in a way that is true to you.  

Who to invite:

Your Bridal Shower should ideally be attended by your closest female friends and family and can be a beautiful way to include elder members of your family, and the women of your partners family - as this is a time to prepare you for your upcoming union.  Some of the most successful Showers are those that gather together the bride and her inner circle, which may only be five or six people, however holds great potency for a truly memorable event.  Who you invite is entirely your choice and we can discuss this further to help you put together your guest list. 


The fee for your Bridal Shower does vary depending on your location and number of participants.  As an indication of price you could expect to pay $800 for a  3 hour ceremony attended by up to 12 guests - this fee would allow for travel within 20km of Menai NSW.  I am open to travelling further (including interstate) for your Bridal Shower for an additional travel fee so please get in touch to discuss the options. 

The first step in arranging your Bridal Shower Ceremony is to get in touch with me, ideally via e-mail or phone.  We can chat online if that is comfortable, or preferably meet in person to discuss your Shower over tea/coffee.  If you find yourself interested, but still unsure if this is right for you, please get in touch via e-mail as I am happy to help address any questions you may have without obligation to make a booking.