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Moontime Awakening Ceremony - February 2022 - Blue Mountains NSW

a reflective afternoon of self healing and authentic connection

Moontime Awakening Ceremony - February 2022 - Blue Mountains NSW

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About The Event

Well 2021 - what can we say?

I had planned to fill the year with a range of ceremonies and nourishing womens circle events... and then, the world around us,  kind of closed.  As I type this things are still reforming, our world reshaping.  I am being asked to wait.  I do trust in the work that I do to help people embody their life experiences, and I feel that the events of 2021 will be calling many more women to reconnect on a deeper level.  As such I hope to provide a group Moontime Awakening Ceremony in February of 2022 - date and location still to be decided.  If you would like to register your interest please contact me via e-mail. 

What is a Moontime Awakening event?

This event is for all women who wish to reclaim the power of their original blood rite - Menarche.  Sounds serious?  It truly is, particularly for the vast number of women who aren't even aware they've missed something so intrinsic to their sense of self.

In times long ago a woman's monthly cycle was revered, and girls were welcomed into the fold of womanhood with a ceremony when they commenced bleeding. This assured them of the blessings of their bodies and promoted a deep sense of acceptance. It helped our girls to trust and nurture their bodies.  Today, in our busy, 'just get on with it' society, this honouring has been forgotten, with many women left disconnected from themselves, and the other women in their community.   

The reflective nature of the Moontime Awakening Ceremony takes us back to honour the young girl within each of us, who was denied such acknowledgement, and in many cases left to muddle her way through the transition of girl to young lady without the true support of other women.  

This event is a chance to reclaim that connection - regardless of your current place in a woman's cycle, menstruating, peri or even post menopausal, you are welcome to this restorative form of healing. Join other women as we gather in an intimate ceremony designed to witness and bless our innate gifts of womanhood.

What to expect:

  • Connection
  • Women's Wisdom Teachings
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Guided Meditation
  • Reflection Time - Sharing Circle
  • Oracle Guidance
  • Light Refreshments

Words from a recent Moontime Awakening Ceremony participant:  

"It was such an honour to connect with you and other beautiful women during our ceremony yesterday.  You are offering an amazing opportunity to women who haven’t experienced this rite of passage, to come together in a safe, warm and peaceful place to experience what every woman deserves.  To any woman drawn to this, I highly recommend it!"  

Amanda M

This event is perfect to attend on your own, with a friend, or even with a group of women you know and with whom you would like to strengthen your sisterhood bond.  Numbers are limited to 10 participants per ceremony to ensure a relaxed, gentle space where each woman feels heard and accepted.

If you have never done anything like this before, never 'sat in circle' with other women, never found the space to speak openly about things you wish you could, this is your opportunity.  Let this be a gentle and nourishing awakening to the 'something more' that being a woman in the 21st Century can be.

One further note - more and more young girls and women are opening to the gift of sacred ceremony such as this.  There is a rise in popularity for deeper connection, and I have noticed more and more women seeking 'better' expereinces for their pre-teen girls as they grow, giving them what they missed out on.  I do offer ceremony for girls entering their cycles, however if this is something you wish for your child, I strongly recommend attending your own Moontime Awakening Ceremony first, so that you can help hold your child through hers.

If you have any questions, please get in touch via e-mail jen.ellmers@outlook.com 

Or you could just be brave, be open, and book your place...

Much love, Jen xx





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