Women Holding Hands


real words from real people

"Jen is an extraordinary person, full of heart and hope.  I have been lucky enough to take part in both an 'Act of Power' and a 'Moontime Awakening' ceremony.  On both occasions Jen guided the group through the sometimes rocky waters of change, helping us to let go of what we needed to, and honour ourselves on a deeper level.  Both times I left feeling uplifted and with new insights to draw upon for comfort and strength.  Jen's ceremonies are a precious gift to anyone seeking support and fulfillment during a time of transition, or wanting to share the joy of celebrating life's milestones with others."   Sarah, Melbourne



"Jen creates such a reverent and divine sacred space.  Her ceremonies embody ancient knowledge, wisdom and a sense of timelessness.  Jen has a way of making me feel so special, so heard and so honoured.  I would highly recommend her work to anyone who would like to experience connection with themselves and others on a deeper level."   Nyree, Melbourne

"I had the joyous experience of participating in a beautiful Moontime Awakening Ceremony.
I hadn’t realised until this time how limited my understanding was of the importance of a girls’ passage to maidenhood.  I have reflected on how the information as a teenager was limited and somehow getting your period was a shameful secret rather than a blossoming and something to be cherished.  After participating in this ceremony I felt lighter and more childlike, almost like a great burden had been lifted. 
I am so grateful to Jen for guiding us through a gentle and powerful process to unlock and discover our past experience, and then provide us with the opportunity to have a much more positive and empowering awakening.
Jen held a safe and structured space so that participants could feel free to express themselves
without shame or judgement.  I feel so grateful to have had this wonderful re-framing 
of this important rite of passage."      Sally, Melbourne

"After the Moontime Awakening Ceremony I felt grounded, connected, still and present."  Rhiannon, Ocean Grove

"Jen created a sacred, warm, safe women's space from the moment we entered the room.  She held the group in warmth and richness to allow us all to share our own experiences, that was uplifting to us all.  I benefited immensely from the exploration of my own connection to my body and had a new felt celebration of my cycles on many levels.  I remember the powerful connection with all of the other women in the space to this day.  I wholeheartedly recommend Jen's Moontime Awakening Ceremonies and am so looking forward to sharing in this again with my own daughter when her time comes."    Monica, Melbourne